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When you donate, this is what happens


Reduce Unnecessary Student Loan Debt

​Redefine Education

Make funds available to those that want to work

Get education closer to the job market

Help people and communities achieve or maintain financial health

Reduce the cost of education

What exactly does the money I donate do? 

It goes to cover the cost of knowledge building activities that help people gain marketable skills. 

What is a knowledge building activity?

It is any credentialed or non-credentialed course, certificate, degree or licenses program that allows someone to gain knowledge and proficiency in a marketable skill and career readiness. 

What is the difference between freetolearn funds and scholarships, financial aid, student loans or grants for education?

1. The only criteria for an individual  to qualify is that the person has has or will have a job during or after the knowledge building activity is complete. 

2. Scholarships, financial aids, grants typically require you to meet income requirements, need you to be part of a special interest group or need you to meet certain academic proficiencies. FreeToLearn does not.

3. Student loans and some types of financial aid have interest and payback terms. FreeToLearn does not. We only pay out funds when participant completes stages of the knowledge building activity.  

Who gets the money? 

The money is awarded to an individual that has a specific job they are planning to get or need to upskill, or reskill because their job is changing. 

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